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Here's What Our Patients Have To Say About Us

My experience here has been nothing short of amazing! Danial is experienced and thoroughly addresses my condition. After only one session, I felt immediate relief. Everyone’s really polite, friendly, and welcoming, and they genuinely care about helping you recover. This is the place I would recommend; you are definitely in good hands.
I came here after reading the google reviews. My back feels much better after the chiropractic and physiotherapy session done by Danial. He is professional, friendly and takes time to diagnose and explain about my condition before the treatment. He constantly checks whether I'm okay and comfortable throughout the whole session. Long story short, Danial is a trusted chiropractor and physiotherapist!
Danial is amazing! He knows exactly what he's doing and does a fantastic job. 100% felt so much better after seeing him! 10/10 recommend
Came to Danial with lower back injury and after three sessions, felt a remarkable 95% improvement. Really happy with the help fromDanial and he was extremely helpful, enthusiastic, and understanding at every step of the way.

Plus, the price was really affordable and reasonable which is amazing since others were charging double or triple even for just initial consultation.

Overall really happy with my experience and will definitely come back here for any follow-ups. I would give six out of five stars if Google let me.
I was suffering from a stiff neck and back pain for about 3 weeks, barely had good sleeps. Made an appointment with Danial through word of mouth. So thankful that he was able to meet me on a short notice weekend. As I was treated by other chiropractors before, he explained the differences in his treatments. Very professional. Clear and detailed explanation for each treatment that he was going to perform. Definitely felt relieved from my strained neck muscles, had a good nap after. He also taught some exercises to do at home and office. Thank you, Danial!
Good consultation with clear diagnosis & fix the injured part for me accordingly. Danial taught me some exercise that I should do daily to increase my muscle mass to prevent further injury. Feel much better after my first session.
I was very skeptical about chiropractors but loved the service provided by Danial. His diagnosis and explanation were really good and he only "Cracks" if you need to. Even when he does decide to adjust your bones, his cracks are gentle and i felt very comfortable. In fact i would only trust him to do adjustments from now on if necessary. Others have made my pain worse because they are always in a hurry to adjust you or crack before understanding the root cause. Thumbs up for his service. Will definitely be going back again if I have any problems.
My first experience with chiropractor and had a very good session with Danial. Very experienced and honest. Detailed explanation and recommendation provided. Definitely will go again!


My son condition improved after undergone several treatments with Danial. He followed up with him every once a week to see whether his condition has improved. Very passionate and caring. Kudos and keep up the good work!👍👍
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